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Intrepid Travel is doubling its family-themed tours for 2017 with 48 itineraries tailored to families in two new styles of travel, Comfort and Active Family.

The decision to launch more than 20 tours comes as a result of the increasing demand for multi-generational travel. Intrepid Travel has also experienced significant demand for its teen trips, designed for ages 12 and up, inspiring the launch of teen trekking itineraries in Peru and Nepal, among other destinations.

“Intrepid Travel’s kid-friendly tours shake up the typical family vacation, offering a sense of adventure suited for all generations,” says Leigh Barnes, North America director for Intrepid Travel. “By significantly increasing our Family tours for 2017, we hope to be the go-to operator for family adventure travel.”

Ideal for meeting like-minded families, Intrepid Travel’s family-only adventures offer action-packed experiences steering off the beaten track, away from ball pits and buffets. Transforming travel into a form of education, the tours encourage families to use the world as their textbook by immersing into the destination and culture. With an average group size of 12, travelers can hop aboard local transportation, eat at family-run restaurants and kick back in home-stay accommodations. Family-friendly tours with 2017 departures offer one-of-a-kind experiences including:

  • Act like Mowgli in search for Shere Khan and other Bengal tigers for a true “Jungle Book” experience on the Comfort Northern India Family Holiday.
  • Visit Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park, recognized by World Animal Protection for its protection of elephant welfare, on the Thailand Family Holiday.
  • Punt along the waterways of the Okavango Delta’s vibrant ecosystem by traditional canoe, greeting grunting hippos on the Namibia & Botswana Family Adventure.
  • Take on life as a local Gozitan shepherd for the day, tending to animals, cutting corn, making ‘gbejniet’ cheese and preparing lunch with the host family during the Malta and Gozo Family Holiday.

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Volcani Crater in Sal


If you’re already done with the usual safari tours in South Africa yet you still desire for another African holiday trip just within the continent, then a couple of hours of flight to West Africa would allow you to experience the out-of-this-world vacation in Cape Verde.

Choosing Sal, in particular, will introduce you to the delightful resort town of Santa Maria, which you’ll totally appreciate given the unpredictable weather on the island. What used to be a village that relies on salt processing as a main income, the village of Santa Maria is presently the hub of tourism in this Barlavento Island, and hence a great place to start exploring the area.

Daily Mail UK Travel writer Harry Ritchie even chose Sal as his destination for a few days and was agreeably surprised with the geography of the island [“Take a Flight to Mars: Sal’s Landscape is Out of This World (and So is the Mini-Golf)”]. As he and his family skipped the beach for the day because of the surprisingly cloudy weather, they found equally fun activities around the area by renting dune buggies and playing at the Morabeza Hotel’s game area.

Here’s a quick snippet from his recent article:

This is where the Morabeza has a huge advantage over the newer, larger hotels that have sprung up alongside the ghost-property developments well outside Santa Maria. Being both on the seafront and in the middle of the town, the Morabeza was ideally placed for gentle strolls when the sun proved too much and only a Portuguese woman with skin like shoe leather remained out on the loungers… In town, there are lots of places offering not just the holiday staples of pizza and ice cream but freshly caught tuna and another fish called Wahoo. Pick of the impressive bunch was probably the Lanchonette d'Angela, whose front opens out on to one of the main streets and whose back opens out on to soft sand and the ocean. I can recommend the octopus. Honestly.

Get the rest of his article here, and learn more about his thoughts about his vacation in Sal.

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You can start your drive at the Bay Ocean Road, which takes you to the first cape, Cape Meares State Park. It is in here where a lighthouse stands as one of its travel attractions. Aside from this, you can engage in other interesting and healthy outdoor activities like hiking and walking in the park’s developed trails and paths.

Aside from Cape Meares, learn more about the two other scenic capes in Oregon in Travel Oregon’s video.

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A View Upstream from the Hoover Dam


Previously known as the Boulder Dam, the Hoover Dam is an arch-gravity dam constructed in the Black Canyon.

As it straddles the Colorado River between the American states of Arizona and Nevada, it now draws almost a million of travelers every year. And since watching it from afar isn’t enough, adventure junkies opt for a more daring tour through a kayak.

Continue reading to know how.

* Get a Permit

If you are planning to begin kayaking at the dam’s base, which gives you a nice view at the bottom of the Hoover Dam, you’ll need to get a permit as well as arrange your transportation to get there. This is because this part is a restricted area, and hence you are required to shell out for the livery service’s fee to cover for the transport and the boats used.

On the other hand, you could also commence your kayaking tour on Lake Meadow so that you could get a closer look at the top of the Hoover Dam.

* Kayaking Tour

You can go for a DIY kayaking trip, but it is highly recommended to go with a guided tour if you are still new to the sport and to the area. Tours are available both along the Colorado River and Lake Mead areas of the dam.

Overall, it is not impossible to get an adrenaline rush when visiting Hoover Dam—just as long as you follow the abovementioned tips!

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Argentina has numerous volcanoes, yet the Cerro Tuzgle offers a unique climbing opportunity to travelers who are into wall and rock climbing.

This extinct volcano is found on the northwestern part of the country, and while Argentina’s most famous sport is soccer, Nina Caprez, along with nine men, pursued their passion in climbing, and they chose Cerro Tuzgle as the perfect spot to practice their bouldering skills.

Catch them at Petzl-Sport’s clip, in which the user shares,

--travels to explore a new climbing spot in Argentina: an Altiplano littered with boulders and crags nested at 4200 m of elevation under the Tuzgle volcano. The movie illustrates the daily life of the group in this unexplored wonderland. As days fly by, they realize that the true value of their discoveries is way beyond their expectations... One of the best bouldering destinations of South America has been unveiled.

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Ponta do Pico is located in Azores, Portugal and is the tallest summit not only in the country but also in the entire Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Perched on black volcanic ground, the best time to climb Mt. Pico is on the afternoon, just before the sun sets. The view at the top is so breathtaking that you won’t mind the two to three hours of climbing. 
Watch the very pretty Ponta do Pico in Alexandre Jesus’ video.

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Fronting the Caribbean Sea, the heavenly beaches that this city presents is one of the most-visited destinations in eastern Mexico.

If you are looking for an adventure, then the jet-ski jungle trip and boating excursions in the Nichupte Lagoon will be the perfect outdoor activity for you, while you could also head straight to the Yucatan interior and the renowned Riviera Maya, where archeological ruins of the Mayas are found.

Watch this video shared by Kristoffer Clark, and witness the adventures that he and his partner experienced while visiting the fabulous city of Cancun.

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