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A New Year of Travel Trends

Happy New Year! 2017 is ramping up to be an exciting year of travel. So we thought we'd share stories about the hottest travel trends that are going to impact where - and how - you travel in the coming months and even years. What do we see in our crystal ball/ champagne glass?

Whether you're planning family, 'bleisure' (business/leisure), solo, romantic or couple travels, gal or pal getaways, from the uber luxurious to the economical, 2017 travel will be all about:

  • Wellness and Adventure: Getting outdoors and being active, returning more healthy than when you left, doing something other than pounding pavement or cobblestones every day... visitors have more and more new, healthy and adventurous (not necessarily dangerous!) ways to experience destinations.
  • Cuba: Travel to Cuba has changed forever now that relations with the US are normalizing. If you haven't already been, there are even more ways to explore one of the world's last restricted travel areas.
  • New Cruise Ships: Ocean or river, luxury or expedition, new cruise ships, with itineraries, designs, amenities, activities and celebrity entertainment or culinary partnerships that battle to outdo each other just keep on coming! What WILL they do next on a ship? We'll keep you abreast of all the latest developments. If you're one of the last few people who still thinks cruising is about 'blue hair and buffets', you should take a look at the latest generation of cruise ships... and passengers. There really is a cruise out there for every traveler.
  • Celebrations: Canada commemorates its 150th birthday in 2017, and it's also riding a wave at the top of nearly every 'best place to travel' list. Did you know as many Americans travel to Canada every year as go to all of Europe? And with the dollar and other considerations, it's never been a better year for vacationing close to home. So throughout 2017, we're going to share some of our favorite stories about Canada to inspire your travels.
  • Local and authentic: Local food, local artisans... everyone is looking for authentic, local production, creation, and consumption. There's a global awareness that we're all looking to be more connected with each other and the items we consume. Products with provenance and people with passion and rejuvenated cities and neighbourhoods. There's more and more of it out there to discover.
  • Connecting: Staying connected with those at home, and connecting with the people, Nature, and wildlife where you're traveling.
  • Customization: It's never been easier to work with a travel expert to craft a trip of your dreams. In the past, it may have been harder to tweak a trip to get exactly what you want, but a new age of crafting travel itineraries is upon us, at every price point. If you're just saying 'yes' and dropping down your credit card, you're missing out.

We want to inspire your travel imagination in 2017... and then make those dreams come true!

So we're also introducing BestTrip.TV - an 'online travel TV station' with inspiring videos you can watch right here on our web site (click on BestTrip.TV on our home page). We'll be sharing BestTrip.TV videos throughout the year.

Safe and memorable travels in 2017!

The Arc in Los Cabos, Mexico



With various outdoor activities, plenty of resorts, top-notch restaurants and challenging golf courses, Los Cabos could indeed provide the best Mexican holiday vacation to any type of traveler.
Before traveling to this bustling part of Mexico though, there are a few handy tips that you need to bear in mind prior to visiting Los Cabos. Read on to learn more.
* Money Exchange
It is best not to exchange your cash as soon as you get to the airport. Steer clear of the money exchange at the arrival’s area and simply head straight to the departure’s area where a bigger exchange rate is provided. 
* Airport Ride
Taxis in the airport are quite costly. If you can’t negotiate your fare, you could just go out of the departure’s area and cross the street. Hail a bus, in which you could pay only 60 Pesos, to take you to Cabo.
* Getting the Best Price
When purchasing items in shops or at the market, you should effectively use your haggling skills so that you could get the bang for your buck. Act cool like you’re no longer interested to get your item, and for sure, you’ll eventually get the lowest price for it. 
* Choosing Tours
While online packages may tempt you for their seemingly good price, resist them and get your tours when you’re already there. You could effectively haggle this way. A good place to negotiate tour prices is in the San Jose del Cabo supermarket. 
* Affordable Vacation
Lastly, remember that while Cabo offers better parties, it is known to be more expensive. If you wish to experience the real essence of Mexico, including a more economical vacation stay, then you should opt for San Jose del Cabo instead. 
Overall, it is possible to save on your holiday vacation in Mexico—you just have to follow the abovementioned tips by heart!

So start planning your trip to Los Cabos, Mexico today!

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You would not believe the stuff people leave behind during their travels. Whether it's a phone charger at the airport, clean underwear in the hotel, or something more valuable like money or jewelry, it happens - a lot..

Gary Stoller of USA Today Travel reports that "travelers annually leave millions of personally important items such as wallets, keys, cellphones and eyeglasses behind in hotels, airports, airplanes and rental cars ... everything from passports to false teeth."

(Image by Michael Mulvey for USA TODAY)

Here's an excerpt from his article:

Southwest Airlines, which carried 88 million passengers last year, reported the largest number. The airline takes possession of up to 10,000 items a month that are left behind at airports and in planes, says spokeswoman Katie McDonald.

Books, cellphones, clothing and reading glasses are the most common items left behind, she says.

The most valuable items? A $10,000 diamond engagement ring, an NFL Super Bowl ring and professional video equipment — which all were returned to their owners.

So remember! You might be travel weary and in a rush to get where you're going, but take a moment and collect yourself and your belongings. It's worth it!


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Switzerland in Miniature is an open-air miniture park created in 1959 on the shore of Lake Lugano in the charming Melide village. Incredibly elaborate and informative, this park surpasses expectations and makes it possible to see the entire country in a few fun hours of walking. 

The Melide village is beautiful, and the miniature park has been generously decorated with over 1,500 different plants and 15,000 flowers. The surrounding landscape are the epic Swiss mountains, including Mount Generoso, Monte San Salvatore, and Monte San Giorgio, which has been declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. 

Within the Swissminiatur labyrinth are over 120 models at a scale of 1:25, faithfully re-imagining and reproducing the most important buildings, monuments, and transportation in Switzerland. Among the representations are the Burgdorf Castle, the Chillon Castle, the Dome of Milan, famous restaurants and hotels, 3,560m of railway and trains, moving boats, cable cars and funiculars, and much more, all in resplendent detail.

This is a terrific spot to take your kids and tour them through the country. In addition, there are several coin operated rides to enjoy.

You can purchase an official guidebook for detailed explanations. The park’s restaurant serves local, Italian, Chinese, and Indian specialities.


Open daily from 9am - 6pm 
From March 17 until October 30, 2011 
Evening Openings: July 1 - August 27, from Tues-Sat until 10:30pm

Adults: €14.60 
Children (0-5yrs): Free 
Children (6-15yrs): €9.25 
Family Day Card: €42.30 
Senior Citizen: €11.55 

By Car 
Highway A2 
Direction South (Chiasso - Italy) 
Exit in Melide - direction Bissone 
Direction North (St. Gotthard) 
Exit in Bissone / Campione d’Italia direction Melide 
Car travelers and groups coming by bus can easily find parking facilities close to the exhibition.

By Train 
From Lugano you get to Melide in 7 minutes. The train station is 200 meters from the Swissminiatur entrance away. 
Arriving from Chiasso, the trip lasts about 21 minutes. 

By Boat

Address: Via Cantonale, 6815 Melide (CH) 
Telephone:             +4191 640.10.60      


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