If you’d like to give your children a unique souvenir from your San Francisco trip, then it’s recommended that you check out a toy shop along Grant Avenue.

A Chinese Dragon Kite Flown in California


Get one of the best souvenirs you could ever give your kids with the plethora of flying toys sold at The Chinatown Kite Shop.

Choose from the many do-it-yourself kite kits, pretty fish kites, pentagonal kites, windsocks, wood-and-paper biplanes and handmade Chinese paper kites. Aside from this, you could opt for computer-made stunt kites that come along with two to four control lines that help in controlling the kite’s dives and loops.

Get more details on this family-owned toy shop, including its many shaped kites, in this overview posted on their official website, ChinaTownKite.com:

We have the largest selection of kites, parafoils, windwheels as well as a great selection of souvenirs, Feng Shui items and many more kites that are not on our website due to small stock on hand… Go enjoy the outdoors and smell the fresh air. Everyone get in the flying, you will find what a joyful day you ever had Free as the wind blows, the kites cut across the clear blue skies, over the green hills, and against the white horizon. Even better in the winter, ground is white, sky is blue. This is the only colors in the sky

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