Enjoy cycling in the Kakadu National Park

Experience a Cycling Adventure in the Kakadu National Park
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Challenge yourself as you cycle through the 19,804 square kilometres of the Kakadu National Park. Located in the Northern Australia, Kakadu reflects this warm weather and makes cycling perfect all year round. 

You will find diverse landforms including basins, southern hills, stone country and lowlands, making cycling more challenging and adventurous.View these landmarks as you ride along: Nourlangie Rock, Jim Jim Falls, Warradjen Cultural Centre, and Ubirr Rock. 

Also Kakadu is home to all kinds of wildlife including 50 freshwater species, 60 mammal species, 280 bird species, 1,600 plant species and 10,000 insect species

Beware of snakes and the two species of Crocodiles: Saltwater and Freshwater Crocs. Also plan your riding days, especially to avoid the rainy season during January and April. 

Enjoy the nature scene of Kakadu National Park as you cycle. 

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