Birders will definitely find bliss in an English Peninsula in Cornwall.

Find Birdwatcher’s Delight at the Lizard Point

Known as the southernmost part of Britain, Lizard Point is a spectacular yet desolate place that goes beyond the Lands End, wherein you’ll particularly need to pay for a fee before further going south to reach the end of the peninsula. 

You could then park your vehicle at the Lizard Point, and see the endless ocean straight ahead of you. If you plan on doing more, you could communicate with the local tourism department to get an idea of the planned walks around the place and see more local rocks that will surely fascinate you.
Nevertheless, rock lovers are not the only ones who’d love going to Lizard Point as many birders spend a considerable amount of time here during autumn and watch for unique birds. Check out Daily Mail UK Travel’s feature about an autumn walk at Lizard Point, and learn more about the various types of birds waiting for you in the peninsula (“Wonderful Walks for Autumn: The Great Bird Migration at Lizard Point, Cornwall”).
Here’s an excerpt of the featured article:
Offshore, the rich sea ocean currents attract flocks of diving gannets, shearwaters, kittiwakes and guillemots while shags, cormorants and gulls are a common sight perched on the rocky cliffs and offshore reefs… The rugged cliffs are a great place to experience the magnificent ravens, peregrine falcons, kestrels and other birds hunting smaller prey such as stonechats, wheatears and other small birds including rock pipits along the coastal slope… However, it is perhaps the acrobatic antics of the Cornish chough for which Lizard Point is most famous. 

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