Searching for the most reserved and family-friendly Channel Island? Then be prepared to meet Herm.

Find the Nicest Family Vacation Destination Right on Herm Island

Herm may seem like one of those Channel Islands that value their tourism industry too much that they even try to bend backwards just to accommodate the modernism and expected leisure activities necessitated by a typical tourist, but your suspicion may have to end here.

 If truth be told, the island of Herm credits its privacy, lifestyle and family-focused perception so much that it doesn’t care if it remains disconnected to the world by banning cars and bikes as well as not providing the usual TVs and game consoles in the guest rooms that are offered by the only hotel on the island, namely the White House.

Sounds crazy, right? But Daily Mail UK Travel writer Christopher Middleton doesn’t think so as he sees such detachment to be the real essence of a true vacation (“Herm is Where the Heart is: A Family Affair on the Quietest (and Prettiest) Channel Island”). During his visit to this now public island, he stands by his observation that the only sounds you can hear in Herm are the “pheasants squawking, and waves lapping sleepily at the beach”.

Below is an excerpt from his article:

--there is a pub, cafe, gift shops - plus kayaking expeditions and puffin trails - to keep everyone occupied. Not forgetting those six beaches, of course, of which the two longest are Fisherman’s and Shell (400 yards plus)… Belvoir, by contrast, is the most secluded, and, like Shell, has a beach café serving the local delicacy: a fruit loaf called gache (pronounced “gosh”), which comes topped with a thick layer of creamy Guernsey butter.

Get the rest of his travel article here, and learn more about the simple yet very relaxing vacation that families are guaranteed to encounter when taking a holiday trip to Herm Island.


So start planning your next trip today!

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