With the current fashion love for vintage, you certainly don’t want to miss shopping at an epic store standing on Regent Street.

Liberty, London



The Liberty store in London is one of the most well-liked department stores in the city, and it doesn’t need a refurbishment just so it could please buyers with its products.
With its very own unique and trendy prints, such as excellent echelon textiles and huge chintz, as well as its Tudor-inspired interiors spread out in six floors, which are full of gifts, fashion, luggage, china, home furnishings, ties, upholstery fabrics and scarves, any shopping enthusiast wouldn’t want to miss this store. Get more info on this London shop in this overview posted on its official website:
Leading designers were recruited from this and the Aesthetic movement to create the classic art nouveau Liberty prints that are still a centerpiece of the brand, gracing everything from cushions and silk kimonos to embossed leather bags and photo albums. Inside, Liberty's is a labyrinth of nooks and crannies stuffed with thoughtfully chosen merchandise. The carpet and furniture departments are worth a look even if you're not buying. Clothes for both men and women focus on high quality and high fashion. The store regularly commissions new prints from contemporary designers, and sells both these and its archival patterns by the yard.

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