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Great relaxation experience in Raffle's Spa


Raffle's Spa features exclusive rejuvenating treatments, inspired by Asian, Middle Eastern and European traditions. With seven soothing treatment rooms, including a couples’ suite with private whirlpool and an outside retreat, it is located in the Raffles Botanical Garden.  

Our philosophy Observe the lotus. It journeys from bud, through blossom, to the radiance of full bloom, creating beauty and purity at each stage - transforming and enlivening, appealing to every sense. Our treatments are inspired by these three stages of change - bud (body), blossom (beauty) and bloom (full experiences) - and allow our guests to mirror the stages of the lotus’ transformation.

On a luxuriantly green hill overlooking a white sand beach, a cluster of 13 thatched treatment pavilions, an open-air yoga pavilion, a lounge, and a glass-walled gym.

- The look: Artificial waterfalls cascade over black marble walls decorated with giant Buddhas, which flank the outdoor stairs leading to a sunny consultation lounge filled with tomes on the philosophy of beauty.

- The sound track: Forgo music to hear the gentle clinking of a chandelier made out of hundreds of paper-thin shells.

- The treatment: Champagne and beluga caviar are served at deep Japanese soaking tubs, but the most luxurious experience is the Pure Pearl exfoliation, which uses ground pearls mixed with ylang-ylang and bergamot extract; it’s followed by a neroli oil massage.

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