If you’re hooked on blues and jazz music, then a night at a jazz bar on Vicolo San Francesco a Ripa is recommended.

Have a Roman Blues Night at Big Mama

With no cover fees being charged for minor acts, Big Mama is a great place to not only meet and greet jazz performers who’re on the rise but blues and jazz musicians with big names as well. Although you’ll have to pay more than 15 to 30 Euros to catch them, you also have the chance to simply pay the 13-Euro membership fee. However, you’ll have to ensure that you go to Big Mama before July and after September as it closes during these months.

Learn more about this jazz club in a quick bar info provided by its official site:


Open since 1984 BIG MAMA is considered as one of the best places to listen live music in Roma. Quality offers and a huge range of genres are the rules of our activity. Better known as "Home of the Blues in Roma" BIG MAMA has daily concerts of different music: jazz, rock, etno, songwriters and, of course, blues. During the last years BIG MAMA has been not only a place for listening but also a stage for new and young talents. Many of them now are well famous, in Italy and in the rest of the world. Check our database with a lot of audio & video recordings of our shows. Please come to visit us and listen to one of our beautiful concerts (200 every year).


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