How to Take Your Own Picture While Traveling

by Robert Q Travel -

By now I think everyone knows the difficulty of getting a good picture of yourself. Arms peek out at weird angles, half your face is cut off, you can’t see anything in the background, etc.

Cailin O’Neil, in a guest blog on, posted some great Tips for Self Portraits and Video While Traveling Solo.

Here’s an excerpt:

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 (Cailin in Edinburgh

“Tip #9 Try to keep the camera in your left hand.”

“For photos, hold the camera in your left hand, even if you’re right-handed. When the camera is facing you, the button is on the left side. If you use your left hand, your arm won’t be in the photo. Also make sure the landscape or subject of the photo is over your right shoulder, otherwise you will have that arm-in-the-photo problem again. It also looks more natural to have it to your right, as that is the way your body will be turned because your left arm is jutting out to hold the camera.”

Cailin is a popular travel blogger and filmmaker, and you can visit her own website here.


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