Have you ever wondered where your favorite stars live? Then take the Movie Stars’ Homes Tour by Starline Tours in Los Angeles, California. This Narrated tour of over 40 stars’ homes also allows visitors to see the Hollywood's iconic Sign, the Walk of Fame, West Hollywood's glittering Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills's glamorous Rodeo Drive.

Spot a Celebrity on a Movie Stars’ Homes Tour
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We all would want to see our favorite stars’ luxurious homes but we don’t want to make it like were stalking or invading their privacy. Do it the fun way and the formal way, do it with Movie Stars’ Homes Tour with Starline Tours in Los Angeles, California. Get to see over 40 breathtaking mansions and maybe even the stars themselves.

Movie Stars’ Homes Tour will take you to a 2-hour drive with an open-top or closed air-conditioned bus. With professionally trained tour guides, you will get to know more of your favorite stars including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruises, Nicolas Cage, Orlando Bloom and a lot more others. Get to cruise along the Sunset Strip and fee famous landmarks from TV and Movies alike. You can also walk along the famous walk of fame and be introduced by Hollywood’s iconic and famous sign. Don’t forget to bring your camera, you never know who or what you might see during the tour.

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