Want to try some of real Indian Food? Then check out the Delhi Food Walk Small Group Tour. On this tour visitors will explore the streets of Delhi and sample some of Delhi's best local food, including shawarma, panner tikka and kulfi-falooda.

Taste Authentic Indian Food on a Delhi Food Walk Small Group Tour

When in India, nothing beats the street food. With the Delhi Food Walk Small Group Tour there won't be a piece of mystery meat in sight as your knowledgeable guide will walk you through the popular street foods and the story behind them. 

Your 3 hour Delhi Food Walk will take you to the best street food markets in Delhi. Start at shawarma stop before heading to Kamla Market to sample local delicacies such as panner tikka, gol gappas, bhelpuri, paav bhaji, and chuski. After walking to more neighoring markets you will be able to sample crispy potatoes and the best homemade ice cream in Delhi called kulfi-falooda.

The Delhi Food Walk will leave you full and satisfied. The only problem will be the serious cravings you experience when you get back home!


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