When in San Jose del Cabo, one thing that you should never miss is sampling the best Mexican cuisines in the city.


When visiting Mexico, you should prepare yourself to taste the most diverse of flavors and to see the most colorful of food plating as a majority of the Mexican cuisine is comprised of a great variety of ingredients and spices.

With its inevitable fusion with indigenous cultures and modern European factors, Mexican food has been rightfully honored by UNESCO as one of the intangible cultural heritages in the world.

Watch this video prepared by RickBayless.com, and see the different Mexican restaurants, cafes and bistros that offer the best Mexican cuisine. The user shares,

Ever traveled to Mexico and wanted to venture out to eat where the locals eat, but didn't know where to go?· We met up with local guide Hugo and also visited some places on our own--from a humble lunch spot at the local market, to first-class aguachile with a three-chile salsa, to carnitas up there with the best in Mexico.


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