Welcome to Claxton Georgia, the "Fruit Cake Capital of the World"

Attention fruit cake lovers, please proceed to Claxton, Georgia, where you can have some finger licking good fruit cake!

The county seat of Evans County, Georgia, Claxton is a small city with a few thousand inhabitants, and covers a total area of 1.6 square miles. Blessed with a humid subtropical climate, the city will appeal to travelers who want to enjoy a small town atmosphere, or those who are craving for one of the best fruit cakes in the world. Known as the “fruit cake capital of the world”, the city is also home to the largest poultry and beekeeping industries in the state. The city is 127 miles to Jacksonville, Florida, 221 miles to Charlotte, North Carolina, and 182 miles to Atlanta, Georgia. You can spend a day or two in Claxton, or pass by on your way to other destinations.

There are two world-famous fruit cake companies in Claxton, the Claxton Bakery and Georgia Fruit Cake Company. Both companies trace their roots to Savino Tos, an Italian immigrant and a master baker.   These two companies are just blocks away from each other, yet each one has its own market. Claxton Bakery bakes more than five million pounds of fruit cake annually, while Georgia Fruit Cake Company bakes more than one hundred thousand pounds of fruit cake a year.  Claxton is where you can have a taste of a variety of fruit cakes in just one sitting! You can buy one, two, three, five or ten pounds of simple or supreme fruitcakes, and other sweets such as chocolate-covered fruit cake nuggets, pastries, and fruit cake and Georgia pecans combination.

With Christmas just around the corner, you have to visit Claxton and buy as many fruit cakes as you can!

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