What Is Flashpacking?

by Robert Q Travel -

Have you heard of this?

Flashpacking is a recent addition to the travel lexicon, and stands for a flashier alternative to backpacking while traveling abroad.

A flashpacker is a kind of upgraded backpacker with a larger budget but ultimately similar goals for the type of travel experience they want.

Both flashpackers and backpackers travel for extended periods of time instead of taking short vacations, seek out local cultural experiences, and enjoy the companionship of fellow travelers. Flashpackers generally prefer hostels over hotels, though they are more likely to stay in single rooms, and rather than cooking in the common area they’ll eat out in nice restaurants.

They do take public transportation and travel with backpacks, but ones made of NASA-grade material and that carry their laptops, expensive cameras, Ipods, and smart phones. They are independent and not fixed to a particular travel schedule.

Usually in their mid-20s to 30s, flashpackers are tech savvy, well-off, and out to see - and chronicle - the world.

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