10 interesting facts about the Fjords of Norway

Wikipedia defines a Fjord as 'a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion.' The beautiful inlets of Norway are more than a tourist attraction. They are the biblical 'Garden of Eden' reincarnated. Their beauty is so surreal that you feel like you are dreaming instead of actually seeing them. If you have never been there, perhaps the facts below will help you make a decision.

1. Sogne fjord stretches over a distance of 204 kilometers and is the deepest and longest fjord in Norway. It was an important trading route during the Viking Era since it connected the villages of Sogn and Bergen

2. Geiranger fjord, popular for its 'Seven Sisters waterfall' was listed as a world heritage site in 2005 by UNESCO.

3. At 250 meters in width, Naeroj fjord is the narrowest Fjord in the world.

4. A tour of the Norway's Fjord is indeed an inspiring trip. You will get to see abandoned fields up in the mountain. It never ceases to amaze you how human can be enterprising - I mean, how can one farm in such high attitudes?

5. Hardanger fjord is ideal for salmon fishing. For those who venture out here, you will be surprised by the number of fresh fruit orchards you find on its banks.

6. Hjørund fjord takes the tag of being the most beautiful fjord in the world for its sword-shaped peaks on either side.

7. Lyse fjord, located among high rising mountains that can rise to as far as 1,000 meters is ideal for hydroelectric power generation. It is one of the few fjords in the world that can boast such an important economic activity.

8. In year 2,000, coral reefs were found on the base of the fjords. This enhanced their profile as a major ecosystem. Coral reef is home to plankton, coral, anemones, fish, several species of shark, and many more.

9. Fjaerlands fjord tour on a ferry will give you one of the best views of glaciated mountains. Trust me; the only other place you can see such beauty is in Canada.

10. Norway is a modern economy with world-class facilities for tourists. Since the fjords are an important part of the tourism industry in the country, they are well conserved and tourists are given first class accommodation.

Whatever else you do on your Scandinavian tour, make sure you get to visit the beautiful Norwegian fjords. It is will be an awe-inspiring experience.

by Kennedy Runo on 01/21/2014 in Escorted or Guided Tour