Chocolate Dreams in San Carlos de Bariloche

About San Carlos de Bariloche

This holiday capital of Patagonia is located in the southwestern region of Argentina near the Chilean border. Popular with tourists, Bariloche is known as a favorite destination for skiing and other outdoor activities, but for others it's a chocolate paradise. Here's a list of some of the best chocolatiers!


The city was established and populated by German and Austrian immigrants looking to create a new life for themselves in the 1800s. Take a trip down Mitre Street, Bariloche’s main thoroughfare, for evidence of their time-honored recipes of some of the most delicious chocolate you will try.


Old world meets new at Fenoglio, considered the first chocolatier in San Carlos de Bariloche. The chocolate is made from all-natural ingredients, including the best cocoa beans from Mexico - rich in flavor and velvety in texture. All ingredients are high-quality and there are no chocolate substitutes or hydrogenated oils. The store’s wide variety boasts over 150 kinds of chocolate.
Address: Mitre 76 & Avenida Bustillo km. 1200
Tel:(+54 2944) 422170/ 420009)


Mamuschka purports to be the most delicious chocolate of Patagonia, Argentina, and it will be difficult to disagree. Since July of 1989, Mamuschka has produced creative, refined, high-quality chocolate. Try one of the liquor-flavored options: chocolate filled with either pure Johnny Walker whiskey or Bailey’s Irish Cream.
Address: Mitre 298 (esquina Rolando)
Tel: (+54 2944 423294)

La Abuela Goye

La Abuela Goye is a popular chain with four locations in Bariloche (you can even order online!). They pride themselves on their high-quality ingredients and time-tested family recipes.
Address: Mitre 258
Tel:(+54 2944) 433861)

Tante Frida

Although it opened its doors in Bariloche in 1995, Tanta Frida brought with it more than 100 years of family history, and today offers a wide diversity of chocolate with a personal touch. Tante Frida also serves rich ice cream and artesenal pastry, as well as hot chocolate and cappuccino. You can order their chocolate online.

Address: Mitre 660
Tel: (+54 2944 42805)

Also try…
Del Turista(Bariloche’s answer to a chocolate department store; try the Mousse de Chocolate)

Rapa Nui


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