Experience a peaceful, tranquil sunset on a evening cruise in St Maarten

The stunningly beautiful St. Maarten island is home to 37,000 people and is part of the Dutch overseas territory called the Netherlands Antilles.

The Caribbean is widely popular for its tropical weather, but nothing can quite prepare you for the alluring beauty of the St. Maarten sinking sun.

There is nothing as tantalizing as sitting on a luxury yacht or cruiser's upper deck, with a bottle of expensive champagne to share with the love of your life. You can watch the sinking sun together as you soak up the last of the evening sun. Trust me; ushering in the night as romantically as possible is the way to initiate a passionate night.

St Maarten has a number of cruising companies that offer the tourists these delightful experiences. On the Port of St. Maarten, you will spot ships that belong to companies such as St Maarten & St Martin Cruise Excursions.

In Particular, St Maarten & St Martin Cruise Excursions offers cruises such as St Maarten Trade Winds Sailing Excursion, St. Maarten Island Sensation Adventure and many more.

Whatever else you do, make sure that the evening finds you on the shores of the Orient Beach. You will get to capture the most beautiful pictures of the light illuminated sea as well as the scenic beach. You can even use the sea backdrop to capture a picture of your lover...how cool is that?

Note that cruises in St Maarten do not come cheap. You need to have enough money to take care of the bills associated with this delightful experience. The experience you will have here is more than worth the money you spend. After all, what is money if you can use it to make your life more interesting?

Visitors to St. Maarten are advised to carry beach wear, sun-block lotion and sun glasses. The tropical sun can sometimes get intense. You would want to return home with a sun tan that invokes jealousy – not a burnt skin. Before leaving the island, make sure you enjoy some sea food. They say that the best dishes are served at Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino.

by Kennedy Runo on 12/11/2013 in River or Ocean Cruises