Explore Alabama's Southern Cooking

The distinctive cuisine of Alabama runs the gamut from hearty country cooking to inventive fine dining. Reflecting the history and heritage of the state, traditional regional favorites include dishes featuring flavorful pulled pork barbecue, fresh Gulf Coast seafood and locally grown vegetables. One of the best ways to experience the flavors of Alabama is to explore one or more of several culinary road trips, either as the focus of your visit or to enhance your travel itinerary. 

In Alabama, barbecue is a culture all in itself. The state serves some of the nation’s best, with iconic and award-winning restaurants just about everywhere you look. Take a tour of some of North and Central Alabama's best – from the fruits of lifelong professional pit masters to new kids on the barbecue block – and pick up a side of fun along the way.

Stone-ground baked grits from Highlands Bar & Grill, oysters from Wintzell’s, Dreamland’s ribs – once you’ve tasted these dishes, mere mention is enough to make your mouth water. They also happen to be just a few of more than 100 dishes you should eat in Alabama before you die. Explore Alabama’s distinctive dishes, and you might uncover some old favorites. You’re definitely sure to discover new ones. Foods such as Alabama's BBQ Ribs, Crab Cakes, and Crawfish. 

Explore Alabama's food trails such as The North Alabama Food Trail, Taste of the Magic City Food Trail and The Lower Alabama Food Trail. 

Come to Alabama for mouth watering Southern cuisine. 

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