Get Spooked on an Orbs of Oahu Ghost Night Tour

Ghost and ghouls and frights, oh my! This type of tour is sure to turn the heads of those who want to experience the supernatural. It can be for those who want to have a bit of scary fun.

You enjoy a scary movie or two, you watch those ghost shows that come on television and think to yourself that you should be there. You should know more about things like this.

Take care where you step, the front door that creaked so loudly when you walked in just slammed behind you. Watch as an glowing,white orb descends to light on the stair case in front of you. Hurry! Get a picture. Shucks! It's gone. You must find out more about it. Go, what are you waiting for?

Whatever you are in Hawaii for, this tour is sure to make you scream and laugh. The tour guide will take you through history and some modern day hauntings with tales of spooky things that have gone on.

Whether walking or driving, the Orbs of Oahu tour is absolutely delightful in the haunts and scares for you to enjoy and have some memories of your own. There's no telling what you might encounter.

These tours usually cost approximately 60 USD. Make sure you book this tour ahead of time, You don't want to be left standing at the hotel while everyone else is off seeing the boo-tiful landscape and historical structures.

Visit the famous Morgan's Corner where apparitions and orbs like to hang out while visitors come through and check on things. There are more stops on the way, but to view them all and have a hair-raising thrill you will have to book the tour.

Don't be a scaredy-cat. You know you want to go on this tour and find out all about these new and aged haunts. There is more waiting in Hawaii than the beautiful lei's they hand out. Forget the Pina Coladas and go on a tour that will really open your eyes. Have a very spooky time.

by Blogger007 on 11/05/2013 in Escorted or Guided Tour