Going on a scenic cruise of Bayou Black on Cajun Man’s Swamp Cruise

Have you ever been to Louisiana? What about Texas? These two states of the United States are the most Endowed. They have beautiful waterways and heartland prairies that will be kind to your eyes as you tour them.

Particularly, the Bayou Black is one of the most haunted waterway in Louisiana. It is a 66-mile river that stretches from from Texas all the way to Louisiana. It is a Tributary of the Twelvemile Bayou and feeds into the Cross Bayou. Cross Bayou drains into the world popular Red River that forms a large percentage of the waters of River Mississippi.

The Bayou Black River Banks is decorated with towering trees such as Cherrybark oak, cedar elm, ash, hickories and willow oak. Further down, you will find shortleaf pine, loblolly pine, mockernut hickory and post oak. This beautiful scenery can never be complete without wildlife. Some of the animals you will see when on the swamp cruise include; alligators, broad-banded watersnakes, wood ducks, red eared sliders, bird-voiced frogs, green herons, coyotes, white tailed deers, skunks and many more.

Only in Loiusiana will you get a tour while listening to tunes such as 'Walkin In The Woods With My Parin' being played on the harp by Ron "Black" Guidry. You can also listen to the Cajun Radio where the DJ's give you the best repertoire of Lousiana music.

One of the most popular ways to see the Bayou Black's glorious scenery is on a Cajun Man’s Swamp Cruise, it departs from Highway 182 on Marina Drive. The tour will last 2 hours, for which adults will part with US$25, while children will part with $15 and all those below 12 years will get the ride for free if they are accompanied by adults.

Louisiana is one of the last frontiers in the US that have not been affected by urbanisation. It is a throwback to when life was simpler and all you needed was to hunt for a duck to have a meal. If you want a relaxing weekend, then a cruise around Bayou Black should be enough to unwind. It is one of the little communes with nature every human being should have once in a while.

by Kennedy Runo on 12/20/2013 in Sightseeing