Guilin, China, one of the favorite tourist destinations of the locals

About Guilin

Guilin, China, one of the favorite tourist destinations of the locals

The city of Guilin was the first city in China which was developed for tourism purposes after 1949, and is still the favored vacation spot of the locals. It was such a popular tourist spot that children’s textbooks would often mention the city for its beauty. It was also the choice destination of Chinese politicians. Although the city might have been surpassed in terms of tourists arrivals by bigger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Shenzhen, it is one city that has not lost its old world charm and charisma.

Located in Southern China on the west bank of Li River, the city of Guilin has one of the best landscapes in China. It is surrounded by unique hills brimming with bamboos and conifers, crystal clear lakes and rivers, which make the city different from the other cities in China. The city covers a total area of 27,800 square kilometers and is inhabited by about 850,000 people. You can take the train, car or bus from various cities in China, but the fastest way to get into the city is via the Guilin Liangjiang International Airport which is served by a number of international carriers. The airport is 28 kilometers from the heart of the city.

Guilin is known for its natural wonders and historic landmarks such as the Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Jingjiang Wangcheng City, Jiangtouzhou Ancient Dwellings, Daxu Old Town, Jingjiang Royal Residence, Ancient South Gate, and Mulong Lake. It also has a number of resorts including Guilin Chuanshan Scenic Resort, Yingwu Mountain Scenic Resort of Guilin, Guilin Yaoshan Mountain Scenic Resort, Guanyan Scenic Resort, and Zizhou Scenic Resort. Your days will be filled with visits to numerous attractions, parks, shopping areas, and places to eat!

It is no wonder that the city is a favorite tourist destination of the locals, and it will be your too! Consult your travel agent and start planning your trip to the city of Guilin.

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