Handy Tips When Visiting Los Cabos, Mexico

About Los Cabos

Mexico never fails to attract millions of travelers every year, but do you know which city best promises a genuinely Mexican holiday experience?

The Arc in Los Cabos, Mexico

With various outdoor activities, plenty of resorts, top-notch restaurants and challenging golf courses, Los Cabos could indeed provide the best Mexican holiday vacation to any type of traveler.
Before traveling to this bustling part of Mexico though, there are a few handy tips that you need to bear in mind prior to visiting Los Cabos. Read on to learn more.
* Money Exchange
It is best not to exchange your cash as soon as you get to the airport. Steer clear of the money exchange at the arrival’s area and simply head straight to the departure’s area where a bigger exchange rate is provided.
* Airport Ride
Taxis in the airport are quite costly. If you can’t negotiate your fare, you could just go out of the departure’s area and cross the street. Hail a bus, in which you could pay only 60 Pesos, to take you to Cabo.
* Getting the Best Price
When purchasing items in shops or at the market, you should effectively use your haggling skills so that you could get the bang for your buck. Act cool like you’re no longer interested to get your item, and for sure, you’ll eventually get the lowest price for it.
* Choosing Tours
While online packages may tempt you for their seemingly good price, resist them and get your tours when you’re already there. You could effectively haggle this way. A good place to negotiate tour prices is in the San Jose del Cabo supermarket.
* Affordable Vacation
Lastly, remember that while Cabo offers better parties, it is known to be more expensive. If you wish to experience the real essence of Mexico, including a more economical vacation stay, then you should opt for San Jose del Cabo instead.
Overall, it is possible to save on your holiday vacation in Mexico—you just have to follow the abovementioned tips by heart!

So start planning your trip to Los Cabos, Mexico today!

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