Include Sal into Your Cape Verde Itinerary, and See a Pleasant Surprise

About Sal

Looking for a nice vacation spot in West Africa? Well, a pleasant surprise is waiting for you in Cape Verde.

Volcani Crater in Sal

If you’re already done with the usual safari tours in South Africa yet you still desire for another African holiday trip just within the continent, then a couple of hours of flight to West Africa would allow you to experience the out-of-this-world vacation in Cape Verde.

Choosing Sal, in particular, will introduce you to the delightful resort town of Santa Maria, which you’ll totally appreciate given the unpredictable weather on the island. What used to be a village that relies on salt processing as a main income, the village of Santa Maria is presently the hub of tourism in this Barlavento Island, and hence a great place to start exploring the area.

Daily Mail UK Travel writer Harry Ritchie even chose Sal as his destination for a few days and was agreeably surprised with the geography of the island [“Take a Flight to Mars: Sal’s Landscape is Out of This World (and So is the Mini-Golf)”]. As he and his family skipped the beach for the day because of the surprisingly cloudy weather, they found equally fun activities around the area by renting dune buggies and playing at the Morabeza Hotel’s game area.

Here’s a quick snippet from his recent article:

This is where the Morabeza has a huge advantage over the newer, larger hotels that have sprung up alongside the ghost-property developments well outside Santa Maria. Being both on the seafront and in the middle of the town, the Morabeza was ideally placed for gentle strolls when the sun proved too much and only a Portuguese woman with skin like shoe leather remained out on the loungers… In town, there are lots of places offering not just the holiday staples of pizza and ice cream but freshly caught tuna and another fish called Wahoo. Pick of the impressive bunch was probably the Lanchonette d'Angela, whose front opens out on to one of the main streets and whose back opens out on to soft sand and the ocean. I can recommend the octopus. Honestly.

Get the rest of his article here, and learn more about his thoughts about his vacation in Sal.

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