Italo – Exceeding the Performance of Italy’s High-Speed Trains

Trains are largely the most common type of transportation taken by both locals and travelers when travelling in Italy. Aside from international, regional and intercity trains, the most efficient and fastest means of getting around the country is through high-speed trains.

A recent article written by Tribune Media Services’ Ed Perkins evaluates Italo, the newest high-speed train open for intercity travel (“Perkins on Travel: Europe’s Newest Train, Italo, Wins High Marks"). Perkins describes this ultra-modern train as the “best in high-speed rail travel” with excellent train services and comfy seats as well as a speed that could reach 360 kilometers per hour.

In addition, travelers could choose between second-class (“Smart”) and first-class (“Prima”) seats as well as a more private and luxurious cabin (“Club”). Club may be the costliest among the three options, but you could definitely get a discount if you choose to travel over the weekend.

Check out this link to learn more about Italo train routes and schedules.

Below is an excerpt from his article:

“What sets the Italo apart from the others, however, is that it represents one of the first implementations of the new way many countries are approaching passenger rail: The national systems build and maintain the tracks, signaling, overhead power supplies, and such, but arrange for separate operators, some private, to run the trains on a franchise basis.”

“All in all, Italo looks like it's off to a good start. I can highly recommend it to anyone traveling along Italy's core high-speed lines.”

You may read Perkins’ article here. So when planning a trip around Italy, why not make yourself comfortable and enjoy the fast speed innovation boasted by Italo?

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by Blogger002 on 05/30/2012 in Transportation