Sandals Halcyon Beach

Tranquil, serene, picturesque, idyllic, beautiful, quaint…whichever the adjective you pick, you will find that it describes the Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort. It is located on a beach that is punctuated by lush palm trees, pristine white sands, and turquoise crystal clear water. The resort is the ultimate vacation destination for the discerning holidaymaker.

Your holiday experience will get a new high if the Caribbean Sea breeze, the inviting oceans, and tropical vegetation are anything to go by. You will get to immerse yourself in immeasurable luxury and for once, you will be able to escape the day to day stress.

Accommodation at the resort is configured to host millionaires and royalties. It is amazing that the rooms are affordable even to the budget travellers. There are 3 major categories of rooms in the resort including the Luxury Level Rooms, Club Level Rooms, and Butler Level Rooms. These are further classified according to the view they offer, the services and amenities available and the space. Below are all the categories of accommodations in the resort:

Note that the butler rooms have additional butler services over and above the regular services; and the club level rooms have club level privileges such as concierge and one-on-one services. All the rooms are lavishly furnished and feature exquisite interior decor. The guests are given 24-hour in-room service and an Exchange Program where they stay in at one resort but get to use the facilities of 3 other Sandal's Resorts.

Your dining experience will go a notch higher by sampling culinary exploits in the 6 fine dining restaurants within the resort and the additional 16 restaurants that are near the resort.

By dining at Kelly's Dockside, you will be literally dining on water. The glowing chandeliers, spectacular ocean views and unmatched Creole culinary will take your taste buds on a whirlwind tour. Among the Creole dishes served at this restaurant include; salmon fillet, herbed chicken, Mahi Mahi, pork chop and sizzling shrimp. You will also get to sample Creole sauces such as peppercorn sauce, honey teriyaki, red wine demi, white wine & herb sauce, and citrus beurre blanc.

For the gourmet diners, the Mario's will serve with some of the best Italian dishes such as Pasta Primavera, Al Pesto, Carbonara and Alla Bolognesa. Other popular restaurants in the resort include; Kimonos, Bayside Restaurant, Soy Sushi Bar, and the Beach Bistro.

Apart from the fine dining, guests are treated to some of the best Beringer Wines and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. The resort has 7 bars from which to enjoy your cocktails and socialize. If you are feeling romantic, you just need to request for a candlelit dinner setup to any of the restaurants.

The resort boasts one of the most comprehensive recreational packages in the Caribbean. Recreational activities are classified in different categories as follows:

Sandals Halcyon Beach is a holidaymaker's paradise. It is the kind of place you take your newlywed wife to start your life together with fond memories. Trust me; you will never regret choosing this destination for your vacation. Contact us today and we will get you packing.

by Kennedy Runo on 07/02/2014 in Hotels