Sunbathe, Snorkel, Scuba Dive in Belize

Belize is best known for its snorkeling and diving sites along hundreds of cayes, atolls and a 185-mile barrier reef – second in size only to Australia’s. Abundant sea life and colorful corals fill the turquoise waters, are easily accessible and welcome divers and snorkelers of all experience levels. Dive tours can be half or whole days, with boat rides calm and usually under two hours. Other tour options include live-aboard boats, which offer week-long trips featuring 2 to 3 daily dives, including nighttime.

Belize is the perfect place for a tropical snorkeling trip. Scuba diving has long received more attention in Belize since it is such a widely known sport, but few people realize that the snorkeling opportunities are also exceptional. 

You can snorkel or scuba dive at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark-Ray Alley where you will be greeted with an eruption of vibrant fish, nurse sharks, rays, turtles and the occasional dolphin or Glover's Reef Atoll for the goliath grouper, schools of horse-eyed jacks, Atlantic spade fish, eagle rays and turtle. 

Visit Belize for an unforgettable snorkeling and scuba dive experience. 

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by Blogger001 on 09/11/2013 in Outdoor Activities