The Beauty of Dordogne, France

The Dordogne is a river found some hundreds of kilometers in the South of Paris, France. The river is popular with tourists for its beauty; good hotel facilities, including castles on its banks. The river is known for big gorges, cliffs, steep banks, fast flowing water and high bridges. Tourism and travel in the valley of this river has been going on for many years. The packages offered here are diverse and each and every traveler to the rivers valley can find a package they want.

Apart from the Dordogne boasting of some of the best hotel facilities in France, a journey through it can also be done on a cruise. This offers you a great view of the rural France from a comfortable cabin. There are several cruise companies that offer services on this river. If you need a ride on a cruise over Dordogne, then you will not miss one. You can also explore the flora and fauna on the banks of the river. In addition, several bird species have these river banks as their home.

Some of the hotels in the basin of the Dordogne include the family friendly Châteaux dans les Arbres hotel, Le Moulin du Roc hotel, La Chartreuse du Bignac hotel and the Château Le Mas de Montet hotel. These are just but a few of the facilities that can be sampled along the beautiful river.

The secret to picking the hotel with right services for you is knowing your needs and finding the right package to fit that. In this river valley your choices are as a many as the experiences that can be found here.

With a stay or a ride on the river, you stand to appreciate the beauty of France and the much it has to offer to travelers. You just need a budget and time.

by Blogger008 on 11/14/2013 in River or Ocean Cruises