Tips for Kayaking the Hoover Dam

A View Upstream from the Hoover Dam


Previously known as the Boulder Dam, the Hoover Dam is an arch-gravity dam constructed in the Black Canyon.

As it straddles the Colorado River between the American states of Arizona and Nevada, it now draws almost a million of travelers every year. And since watching it from afar isn’t enough, adventure junkies opt for a more daring tour through a kayak.

Continue reading to know how.

* Get a Permit

If you are planning to begin kayaking at the dam’s base, which gives you a nice view at the bottom of the Hoover Dam, you’ll need to get a permit as well as arrange your transportation to get there. This is because this part is a restricted area, and hence you are required to shell out for the livery service’s fee to cover for the transport and the boats used.

On the other hand, you could also commence your kayaking tour on Lake Meadow so that you could get a closer look at the top of the Hoover Dam.

* Kayaking Tour

You can go for a DIY kayaking trip, but it is highly recommended to go with a guided tour if you are still new to the sport and to the area. Tours are available both along the Colorado River and Lake Mead areas of the dam.

Overall, it is not impossible to get an adrenaline rush when visiting Hoover Dam—just as long as you follow the abovementioned tips!

So start planning your next adventure now!

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