Travel Back in Time at Petersen Automotive Museum

The average male human being has a love for techies. You will find him collecting all latest tech gizmos ranging from the latest cell phones to electronics. Usually, the car will be the most prized possession among the gizmos. If you have a love for mechanical things, why don’t you start from the beginning at the Petersen Automotive Museum? A visit to the museum will be an eye opener to the world of possibilities out there.

Located in the Wilshire Boulevard, Petersen Automotive Museum is owned by Petersen Automotive Foundation. The Museum was opened by Robert Petersen and his wife Margie at a cost of $40 million. After this initial capital outlay, the museum became operational and has been a magnet of car enthusiasts from all over the world.

The museum is a 300,000 square foot car and car accessory jungle with over 200 cars on display. It also features motorcycles of yester-years as well as futuristic cars and motorcycles models. The museum is easy to navigate through as the cars are arranged in their chronological order. A whole floor is dedicated to race cars, famous movie and show cars as well as celebrity owned cars such as Elvis Presley's De Tomaso Pantera.

Among the most famous models collected at the Museum include; the 1940 Pep Boys Store Marquee, Dual Ghia of 1958, 308 GTS Ferrari Tanga, Ford Thunderbird - 1958, and Volkswagen Beetle - 1966.

The rates for visiting the Museum are surprisingly friendly to the budget museum visitor. Adults pay only $10 admission fee while seniors and students pay just $4.  Three old kids pay $3 and anybody below 3 years enters for free. The Museum is open to all people; whether interested in cars or not.

It is places like the Petersen Automotive Museum that informs the future designs of automobiles. Looking at a 1950s car, you could not have imagined a car that shifts its own gears, have a GPS map, and almost drive itself. The futuristic cars in the museum might just happen in our life time. Why don't you visit the museum and be part of the past for a few hours as you anticipate a better future?

by Kennedy Runo on 10/29/2013 in Sightseeing