Travel Tip: Switzerland in Miniature!

About Lugano

Switzerland in Miniature is an open-air miniture park created in 1959 on the shore of Lake Lugano in the charming Melide village. Incredibly elaborate and informative, this park surpasses expectations and makes it possible to see the entire country in a few fun hours of walking.

The Melide village is beautiful, and the miniature park has been generously decorated with over 1,500 different plants and 15,000 flowers. The surrounding landscape are the epic Swiss mountains, including Mount Generoso, Monte San Salvatore, and Monte San Giorgio, which has been declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

Within theSwissminiaturlabyrinth are over 120 models at a scale of 1:25, faithfully re-imagining and reproducing the most important buildings, monuments, and transportation in Switzerland. Among the representations are the Burgdorf Castle, the Chillon Castle, the Dome of Milan, famous restaurants and hotels, 3,560m of railway and trains, moving boats, cable cars and funiculars, and much more, all in resplendent detail.

This is a terrific spot to take your kids and tour them through the country. In addition, there are several coin operated rides to enjoy.

You can purchase an official guidebook for detailed explanations. The park’s restaurant serves local, Italian, Chinese, and Indian specialities.


Open dailyfrom 9am - 6pm
From March 17 until October 30, 2011
Evening Openings: July 1 - August 27, from Tues-Sat until 10:30pm

Adults: €14.60
Children (0-5yrs): Free
Children (6-15yrs): €9.25
Family Day Card: €42.30
Senior Citizen: €11.55

By Car
Highway A2
Direction South (Chiasso - Italy)
Exit in Melide - direction Bissone
Direction North (St. Gotthard)
Exit in Bissone / Campione d’Italia direction Melide
Car travelers and groups coming by bus can easily find parking facilities close to the exhibition.

By Train
From Lugano you get to Melide in 7 minutes. The train station is 200 meters from the Swissminiatur entrance away.
Arriving from Chiasso, the trip lasts about 21 minutes.

By Boat

Address:Via Cantonale, 6815 Melide (CH)
Telephone:+4191 640.10.60


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