Travel Tips: How To Choose A Holiday Destination For Business Executives

The business scene has changed so dramatically in the last 20 years. Today, a business executive can do his work from the comfort of a hotel room in a far flung corner of the globe, meet his underlings online, make critical business decisions and execute them seamlessly over the internet. This has made mixing business with leisure the new 'in-thing'. Below are a few guidelines that will allow you to choose the ideal holiday destination for an exec who wants to have little fun as they go about their business.

1. Internet at the destination is a MUST

A traveling exec would love to have instant communication link with the guys back at the office. Internet is therefore a very crucial element of mixing business with leisure. It is even better if the internet has fast speeds and multiple redundancies. This way, the exec can meet, call, execute transactions, send and receive e-mails and Skype with the guys at the office and/or customers.

2. They demand the best

Most business executives are willing to pay top dollar for classy facilities and attentive service. The destination you choose for them must have a combination of class, great customer service, high-end facilities and most importantly, a golf course to meet with other holidaying execs.

3. The destination must have an active nightlife as well as fine dining restaurants

Travelling execs work hard, party hard and eat well. If you can give them this combination with your destination, they will become your loyal customers forever. Make sure that the people they meet in the restaurants and in the nightclubs are also businessmen that can help advance their careers and you are their best friend.

4. Some privacy please!

The easiest way to lose an account with a business exec is to get him/her a destination that has no privacy. Some of this people will be traveling with their mistresses or boyfriends and would not want to be caught 'pants-down' by the gossip columnist. They are just out enjoying life and do not want to divorce their beautiful suburban wives/husbands just because you did not do your research about a destination well.

5. Security is paramount

Ensure that the destination you chose for an exec is secure enough. Most of these people travel with valuables - both cash and jewelry, as well as hard and soft data that can sink a company. In a day and age where industrial espionage is the order of the day, ensure that a destination you choose takes security very seriously.

Business executives are professionals who deliver results for their companies and for this, they are handsomely paid. If you get them a good destination, they will also spend top dollar on you...good luck attracting the dollars...

by Kennedy Runo on 06/10/2015 in Business