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With the huge land area of Argentina, it’s not a surprise how countless of activities could be performed here.

Argentina has numerous volcanoes, yet the Cerro Tuzgle offers a unique climbing opportunity to travelers who are into wall and rock climbing.

This extinct volcano is found on the northwestern part of the country, and while Argentina’s most famous sport is soccer, Nina Caprez, along with nine men, pursued their passion in climbing, and they chose Cerro Tuzgle as the perfect spot to practice their bouldering skills.

Catch them at Petzl-Sport’s clip, in which the user shares,

--travels to explore a new climbing spot in Argentina: an Altiplano littered with boulders and crags nested at 4200 m of elevation under the Tuzgle volcano. The movie illustrates the daily life of the group in this unexplored wonderland. As days fly by, they realize that the true value of their discoveries is way beyond their expectations... One of the best bouldering destinations of South America has been unveiled.

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