Video: Exploring an Abandoned Market in Nizwa, Oman

About Nizw√°

Souqs, a traditional market place in Arabic nations, are spread all over the Sultanate of Oman, and they are noted to be bustling fairs today and in the past. They usually sell silver and gold jewelry, spices, wooden carvings and various ornaments.

In addition, most souqs in Nizwa sell cattle, such as sheep, goats and cows, as well as a surplus of handicrafts.

The abandoned market in this video, uploaded by Tristan Ofield, is located at the town of Nizwa. Below are his sentiments on the clip,

The old Souqs (markets) of Oman will soon be weathered away. Although modern equivalents have been built - they will never capture the magic of the originals which only 40 years ago were a hub of activity.

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