Video: Historic Boats on the Grand Canyon

If adventure runs in your veins, then a whitewater rafting activity shouldn’t be missed when traveling to the Grand Canyon River, specifically during the warm months of the year. Go straight to Lee’s Ferry after booking an expedition for about a year in advance, and choose the length of days (from 3 to 18 days) that you want your commercial trip to last. 

Nonetheless, in this clip shot by Chris Alstrin, a crew isn’t using the typical whitewater raft as they ride the rapids via their “home-built replica riverboats”. Learn more about their aim in this short film overview below:
The crew's mission was two-fold. First, to reintroduce historic craft to the river—the brightly-colored, wood and fiberglass boats last plied the waters of the Colorado River more than half a century ago. Second, the crew aims to document changes in the Grand Canyon over those same intervening years, most notably as a result of Glen Canyon Dam and the explosive growth of river running. 

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by Blogger002 on 10/05/2012 in Outdoor Activities