What's a Safari like in Kenya?

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What's a Safari like in Kenya?

Did you know that 'Safari' is a Swahili word that is loosely translated as 'Journey' in English? Did you also know that Swahili is the National language of the Republic of Kenya? Sit back and let me regale you with anecdotes of how Safari is like in Kenya.

Did you know that 'Safari' is a Swahili word that is loosely translated as 'Journey' in English? Did you also know that Swahili is the National language of the Republic of Kenya? Sit back and let me regale you with anecdotes of how a Safari in Kenya is like.

Kenya is endowed with a tropical climate, abundant wildlife, and a long coastline on the majestic coral-reefed Indian Ocean. Just to understand the geography of the country, you need to know that the country is cut, almost by half, by the equator. Thus, it has 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of night time. The seasons as you know them (summer, autumn, winter and spring) do not exist in the country. You can say that the country is all-summer throughout the year. The country averages 21 degrees centigrade throughout the year. It is neither extremely hot like the Middle East nor extremely cold like Western Europe. Yea, that's how your safari starts.

When you land in Kenya's largest airport, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you will be greeted by genuinely happy traditional dancers (and no, it is not for your dollars). The Kenyan ethnic communities generally love visitors and it is not in their place to judge. They will welcome you whole heartedly. That is why Kenya is the most westernized country in Africa. You will wear anything and say anything and the locals will not be bothered. And yea, that is the kind of people you will encounter throughout your safari.

Upon boarding a hotel, you will be surprised - and many have been surprised - the facilities are as good as in the west, if not better. You will suddenly shed the stereotype that 'Africa is Backward'. And lucky for you, the locals are used to snobbery by guests from other parts of the world who later apologize after a good safari experience. Yea, that is the kind of facilities you will stay in.

From the hotels, you will mingle with city dwellers who speak better English than native speakers. They will regale you with political anecdotes about your country that even you don't know. They will buy you beers and dance with you (even if you cannot jig it quite like an African) and then later they will say good night to you the African way, one last bottle of Tusker, the local beer brand. That is the kind hospitality you will get on your Kenyan safari.

Tired of the city? Not to worry. The Kenyan Jungles beckons. Just off my head, you will visit Maasai Mara National Park, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East and West National Parks, Sibiloi National Park, Lewa Conservation Park, Lake Nakuru National Park and many more. In the park you will see all the African greats including the 'Big Five' of Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, and Buffaloes. Others include; Giraffes, Hippos, a host of primate species, a host of gazelle and antelope species, African Crocodiles etc.

Not the Nature type? The Nairobi and Mombasa nightclubs will more than entertain you. You will dance to the Congolese Benga, Egyptian Belly dance, Nigerian Azonto Dance, Zulu drum beats, Kenyan Lingala, Swahili Taarab and Tanzanian Bongo among other African beats. If the African 'buzz' does not bite you, you can dance to Jamaican Reggae and all its sub-genres, European House or American Hip-hop and RnB.

Still not satisfied? Well, you can head to the coastal town of Mombasa and sunbathe in the whitest sandy beaches on earth (and this is not an exaggeration). From south coast all the way to the historic town of Lamu, the coral reef limestone from the Indian Ocean ensures that the sand on the beaches remains white.

Writing about the experience is an understatement of facts. Rather, you should visit and experience African hospitality at its best.

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