What to Do in Marseille, France

Petit Nice in Marseille, France



Next to Paris, Marseille is the second biggest city in France, and similar to the country’s capital city, it also has in keeping comparable French culture, lively nightlife, eclectic cuisines and interesting people.
Aside from enjoying the city and its food in the many cafes and restaurants, it is also possible to go for a bolder activity like swimming, boating, scuba diving and climbing. Read on to learn more about the things to do in Marseille as shared by New York Times Travel contributor Seth Sherwood (“36 Hours in Marseille”).
Below is a short excerpt from his article:
Now the good news: Marseille is not Paris. Kissed by the Mediterranean, Marseille can claim an un-Parisian combination of near-constant sun, miles of beaches and an ethnic mix — French, North African, Italian, Corsican, Armenian — that lends a flavor unlike anywhere else in the country. No wonder the rest of France calls it Planète Mars. 
Read the rest of his article, and don’t hesitate to take a side trip to Marseille, France!

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