Where Is Your Home Away From Home?

Many travelers, after spending some time at their destination, get used to the ebb and flow of the life there and begin to acclimate to the culture. Some first go through a period of serious culture shock but eventually come around and find their stride. Some travelers find something to love in every place they visit. I personally have had all three of these experiences and a host of others.

But what I’m talking about now isn’t simply falling in love with your destination or getting used to a new way of life. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, when you visit somewhere new, you feel almost immediately at home. Like for whatever reason that is the place you are supposed to be and you feel completely at ease during your time there.
Jaime Davila of Breakaway Backpacker posted on this topic ("Feeling at home in Barcelona"):
"Many things made me feel at home through out my stay in Barcelona. I think the biggest thing was for a while I felt like a normal person again. It wasn’t about seeing all the sights or meeting new people or finding out what to do next. It was two weeks that I enjoyed with people I already knew and with plans of social things among us. It was as if I was at home with my girl friends… and that’s why I will also call Meri, Virginia & Laura “My Girls.”"

I had thisexperience myself during my trip to Buenos Aires a few years ago. I had just spent over two months in Peru, living with a fun but very large and colorful group of people. In Buenos Aires I had space during the day to explore on my own and a friend to take me somewhere new every night. I felt like myself again.

Have you ever had this experience while traveling? What was it like?

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