Where to find the best Martini in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. From mega casinos to golf courses to museums and high-end hotels; Las Vegas has for more than 30 years been at the helm of the nightlife scene. It is therefore no wonder that the best of the martini cocktails are served here. Below are the best martini cocktails spots in Las Vegas.

1. Blue Martini

Located on Town Square, Blue Martini is renowned all over US for its happy hour deals that include a 50 % off on the food and drinks served. The signature drink at Blue Martini in Vegas is Blue Martini that is served with oversized snifter.

2. Downtown Cocktail Room

Fondly known as DCR by its patrons, this drinking hole is known for its skilled bartenders. The martini ingredients here are the best kept secret. The martini flavors served here are unrivaled in the United States. It is located on the Las Vegas Boulevard.

3. Retro Lounge

How would you love to drink up your cocktail in a 60's setting? That is what you get at Retro Lounge. It features cushioned benches that surround a Jacuzzi with a fire lit at the center. It menu of drinks include; Stoli Vanilla Vodka and Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur.

4. Lily Bar and Lounge

This is part of the larger Bellagio establishment. You can watch the Bellagio fountains as you drink up the best martini in town. To add to the allure of this bar is the Bellagio Casino. You can throw the dices with the best gamblers as well as dine with the high and mighty from Hollywood.

5. The Red Square

This martini bar is located within the Mandalay Bay. The bar has a Russian theme. Most of the martinis here are mixed from the Russian Vodka and then blended with fruits flavors. The signature cocktail here is Lenin's Kryptonite and Russkie.

Other popular martini bars in Las Vegas include; Hank’s Fine Steaks, Minus5° Ice Bar, Parasol Up and Parasol Down, Vesper Bar, Voodoo Lounge and many more.

If you have never been to Vegas, then you need to add it to your bucket list like yesterday. If you are in Las Vegas, then you will do yourself a major disservice if you leave without sampling its martinis.


by Kennedy Runo on 01/07/2014 in Nightlife