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Top Ten Things to do in Vienna, Austria

Oh, Vienna - The City of Music and the City of Dreams. A breaktaking urban landscape surrounded by even prettier natural vistas. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historic centre of Vienna...

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How to Spend a Long Weekend in New Orleans

(Image Credit: Jennifer Zdon for The New York Times) New Orleans has undergone a Renaissance over the past seven years since the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. There's still much work to...

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Do You Get Flight Anxiety? Here's How to Deal with it

Everyone can get flight anxiety from time to time, some more than others. Especially nowadays with  increased airport security, long lines and a stressful boarding experience, by the time you're buckling...

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Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin

The Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) is Ireland's foremost national institution for the collection and exhibition of modern and contemporary art. Not only is there a dynamic selection of...

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Video: Incredible India Slideshow

I wanted to share this video by Nomadic Samuel - Incredible India - Part 1 - Travel Video Slideshow Series.  This is part of an ambitious project that documents his trip...

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Would You Pay for WiFi on a Plane?

The latest in WiFi technology is the ability to get online even when you're thousands of feet in the air.  However, as reported by,  "Airlines are spending millions of dollars to...

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Free Attractions in the Big Apple

Who doesn't like free? To say that there's so much to see and do in NYC is a vast understatement. What's especially nice however, about the enormous array of options for...

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What is Flashpacking?

Have you heard of this? Flashpacking is a recent addition to the travel lexicon, and stands for a flashier alternative to backpacking while traveling abroad. A flashpacker is a kind of upgraded...

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How to Not Get Lost Anywhere

They say that you're never really lost, only temporarily displaced.  But when you’re circling the same city block for the fifth time, or cold and wet in the woods without cell...

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Travel Tip: Don't Leave Anything Behind!

You would not believe the stuff people leave behind during their travels. Whether it's a phone charger at the airport, clean underwear in the hotel, or something more valuable like money...

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