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Chocolate Dreams in San Carlos de Bariloche

This holiday capital of Patagonia is located in the southwestern region of Argentina near the Chilean border. Popular with tourists, Bariloche is known as a favorite destination for skiing and...

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Guide to Street Food: Latin America

Bienvenidos!  We wanted to share an article with you that explores the delicious and sometimes perilous street food we come across during travel.  We're going to talk about Latin America. We have...

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The Pre-Travel Checklist: 12 Things to Do Before Your Trip

So many things to remember! Once your flight is booked and hotel reservations made, you realize that there are still a dozen or so important details to take of before you...

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How to Take Your Own Picture While Traveling

By now I think everyone knows the difficulty of getting a good picture of yourself. Arms peek out at weird angles, half your face is cut off, you can’t see...

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