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Hawaii for first-timers: how to choose an island

Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America. It is entirely made up of a series of islands spread over a 2400 kilometer stretch on the Polynesia...

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Experience a peaceful, tranquil sunset on a evening cruise in St Maarten

The Caribbean is widely popular for its tropical weather, but nothing can quite prepare you for the alluring beauty of the St. Maarten sinking sun.

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Video: Remarkable Pompeii

Italy is historic in its own right, but do you know which specific part of the country has become a popular travel attraction for more than two centuries?

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Video: Historic Boats on the Grand Canyon

Feel the rapids of the Grand Canyon River in our featured video of the day.

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Include Island Hopping in Your Itinerary, and Relax in Greek Islands

It’s hard to choose from the thousands of islands that comprise Greece, but you could always opt to sail to a few of these by renting one of the many...

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Video: Discover the Blue – Lexington, Michigan

When in the US, you can still find reasons to visit even the smallest of villages!

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Video: Touring Mont Saint-Michel

With millions of travelers visiting Mont Saint-Michel every year, it only proves that this French landmark indeed offers something of value to pique just about anyone’s interest.

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Include Sal into Your Cape Verde Itinerary, and See a Pleasant Surprise

Looking for a nice vacation spot in West Africa? Well, a pleasant surprise is waiting for you in Cape Verde.

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Video: Three Capes Scenic Drive in Oregon

There’s no other way to see one of the most picturesque places in Oregon than a drive along its capes.

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Tips for Kayaking the Hoover Dam

Seeing a travel attraction is not enough—sometimes you need to be bold enough to totally experience it in its entirety.

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